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Ryan Jon/Ben Russell,
Phuket's LIVE 89.5

The film industry has the Academy Awards, the music industry has the Grammy’s and the magic industry has the Merlin Awards. Ben Russell, director of Genesis, which is currently on in Bangla Road has won a Merlin Award for Director The Year. I spoke with Ben just after he received the award.

I hired Sam Clarke from Melbourne to join me on Phuket’s LIVE 89.5. 

The only thing he loves more than Phuket, is his mode of transport whilst getting around Phuket. Above is a video of Sam driving his scooter with side car, a friend of mine Tom and I are in the side car and you’ll see us go over a small bump. I feel like my face tells the story. 

As told on Phuket LIVE radio on February 8, 2012. 

I’ve always wondered what the Muay Thai Boxing camps were all about so yesterday I went down the Chalong direction and did a session at the Tiger Muay Thai camp and it was certainly as hard as I thought it would be. 

I was hungry just on my way down there and I thought it would be tough to to do all that exercising with no fuel in the tank so I indulged in a little street food, a little chicken and rice dish. Well, that was certainly a mistake as myself and my fellow boxing enthusiasts got to see the meal again half way through the session.

But surprisingly, quite surprisingly actually that wasn’t the most embarassing moment of the afternoon. I’ve always thought ‘whats the deal with those flimsy weird shorts’ they boxers wear. They are short in lenghth but baggy off to the side and have weird writing and pictures all over them.

Well now I know. I was being told how to kick properly and I was struggling a bit.

So the instructor grabbed my leg and showed me how high I have to kick. unfortunely the required height of my leg was a little higher than my not so loose shorts were prepared to give. Meaning either …

a, my leg wasn’t going to get high enough or 

b, my shorts would tear thus allowing me to move my leg higher…

And which one was it …    

Yes, my shorts teared right in the cruch so for the rest of the session everyone had a pretty good view of the goods, and when it came to the stretching at the end, well, it’s safe to say that knowone really wanted to be my partner.

Will I be back to the boxing … hmmm … time will tell.

As told on Phuket LIVE radio on the 7th of February

It was 6am Phuket Time that the SuperBowl started.

Did people watching it in the bars get up really really early? or stay our really really late? Either way, New York Giants took out the Superbowl against the New England Patriots 21-17.

But what’s caught my attention is  the line “The Most Contrevsial Half time show since Janet Jackson” … UK singer named MIA said in her song “I don’t give a shit,” then gave the bird to the camera” She didn’t even really say that bad word …

So really … not a big deal … at all.

and is giving the bird really a big deal these days? Is it?

But none the less, the conservative US is all up in arms. The NFL promptly issued an apology: “The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologise to our fans.” 

NBC, The TV station broadcasting the game also apologised.

Stuff like this reminds how much I enjoy living in Phuket. 

Back where I used to live in Oz, the political correctness was getting out of control. You couldn’t do or say anything without getting in trouble.

In fact, back in Melbourne, I once not only got fined, but got put in jail for 5 whole hours for J walking. Yes, not assault or drinking driving but walking accross the street outside of the designated crossing of the street area.

You can’t give the bird in the US, you can’t walk accross the street in Australia.

Please Phuket, please dont change. I like that we have a bit of freedom and I like that I walk across the street and not be concerned about which way my fingers are pointing without fear of a public outcry or potential jail time.

Please Phuket, please dont change.

The Phuket Parade with the LIVE 89.5 Car.

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