Simple yet effective.

Well played, Sir.

Wonder what Becky is thinking?



I, like many  procrastinating and inefficient PC users have asked this question. I mean, I’ve always like The Onion but why are they trying to spread content for this other ClickHole thing?

I’ve always liked news parody site The Onion. It makes me LOL. Hard.

But then I kept seeing that they were sharing these articles from Clickhole and all the comments on Facebook were from people complaining that ClickHole is shit and that they should not be promoting some other page they own.

I, like all the other dipshits who clicked and glanced for 4 seconds thought, I don’t understand what the fuck is going on.

I thought it was some shitty Buzzfeed rip off until…
Finally …
I figured out what the fuck was going on …


It’s a Buzzfeed Parody Site!
Or rather, a parody of online media at large.


Once you realize, it’s actually pretty obvious.

Being a parody of Buzzfeed is ironic, cause Buzzfeed is often jokingly referred to as a parody of an actual news site. But where The Onion parodies newspaper and TV, Clickhole will parody online media.

Buzzfeed has getting all worked up for quizzes recently.
Clickhole now present classics like 

Brilliant. And who wouldn’t want to do this quiz?

Don’t know how much time I’ll spend browsing the site, but I love the fact it exists and I do chuckle at the headlines when they pop up in my newsfeed (even though I probably won’t click).

That’s probably not great for their advertising sales but hey, I don’t own them so why should I give a fuck right? 

You’ll never believe what I witnessed when I went to get my morning coffee!


Does an image of a hot girl get my attention? Absolutely.

Whether you’re at local news agent or killing time at an airport, once you see the front cover of Men’s Style with Jamie Chung and most likely going to take a second glance.

Once I looked at the cover, what really caught my attention though was the ‘Men Of Influence 2014’.
I like reading about successful people and learning what makes them who they are. Maybe I’ll learn something and get inspired myself.

Grab for the boobs ….
I grab THE MAGAZINE for the boobs, but keep reading for the quality content. Well played Men’s Style cover designer, the perfect bait and switch. That’s how it’s supposed to work right?

But here’s the thing, whilst I certainly don’t mind looking a Jamie Chung wearing not much, I’m very aware of all the other people looking at me looking at Jamie Chung wearing not much.

Socially it’s fine for women to read Fifty Shades of Grey but when a man is reading a magazine with a a hint of cleavage on the cover …

“What a pervert!”

When reading the mag, I do that thing where you fold the magazine around to make it single page width purely so the front cover is no longer visible.


I’m reading about the year’s most influential men, yet everyone in the airport thinks I’m a creep. Whilst I did buy the Men’s Style mag, I often don’t buy a magazine for this very reason.

So it needs to be asked I guess,
Do hot girls attract or deter buyers of men’s magazines?

So annoying, literally

Tough Day For Todd !!!
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