How many of these people do you know?
A lot?
I often say ‘actions speak louder than words’.

All I did at Eltham High was play volleyball and be a dickhead.
Exhibit A …

About 4 weeks ago now my shoulder fell out (see all the pics here).


In 2003 I had a reconstruction after hurting it playing volleyball in AUS.
In 2007 I dislocated it again whilst playing in college volleyball in US and needed another reconstruction.Then, after SEVEN STRONG YEARS it suddenly fell out again whilst playing AFL in Queensland.

No tackle, no bump, no bad landing.  
Embarrassingly … it fell out whilst running.
Pretty annoyed.  Here is the main reason why.

I got a phone call from a Content Director with my company asking about a job. I asked bunch of people what I should do and everyone said ‘At least audition’.

Whilst in Melbourne I get a call from Rosie.
They wanted some audio of us ASAP and she asked, ‘Can we record something right now’.

I was pretty high on painkillers,
Binge watching season 3 of Suits.
In bed wearing nothing but a blanket and had nothing prepared.

So I said, “Sure, I’m good to go”

Did phone topic set up / story about the time I called a girl in the Macca’s drive though a slut.


Big Bosses liked it, got the job and Queensland managers said “don’t come back” so I flew straight to Perth.

Don’t like it, find it annoying, always have.
Destinations are ok I guess, but planes, trains and airports – hate ‘em.
I try to push the limits of how long you can linger in a book shop without ever actually buying a book or magazine …  gets real boring real fast.

However, these blokes are on to something.

Anyways, so from QLD to Melbourne to get my shoulder looked at then from Melbourne to WA to plan for the new show, do a photo shoot and grab a $30 couch for my new place with Redders.

(Redders is from Diamond Creek and claims NOT to be a scumbag)

Few months ago I bought tickets and a hotel for my dad and I to watch Gold Coast v Hawthorn and I wasn’t going to miss it so I flew from WA back to QLD.

I only intended on being in Melbourne for a few days so I parked at an airport parking place.

By the time I got back to my car, it had been there for over 4 weeks and HOLY FUCKING SHIT it’s expensive.


Then back to Toowoomba to pack my bags and put them on the truck to WA.

I don’t get to see Mum very often and it’s her birthday next week.

She said she wanted to see me for her birthday but unfortunately (get you tiny violin ready) she is in Bali so I have too (you should now be playing the violin) got to Bali to see her.

I’ve been too scared to book anything for ages in case something happened at work. I finally get the minerals to book a few things and BAM, get a new job and makes everything tricky.

Will fly direct from Bali to Perth and get straight into the new “Ryan and Rose” show on Hot FM WA.

When I booked these seats at Gold Coast v Hawthorn I lived up the road.

Long trip from WA!


Producer Brodie here at @HotFMWA and I have our wardrobes in sync
#fashion #denim

Playing volleyball, getting educated, chasing girls and now making radio; I’ve moved interstate and overseas a bunch of times.

This weekend I’m moving to a place where I don’t know a single person for the seventh … yep … SEVENTH time since I finished high school. I am currently 26.

Melbourne is and will always be home, but for various reasons I lived …

St Louis, MO, USA           

Kuching, Malaysia           
(Volleyball + Education + Asian Girls + Cheap Drugs)

Phuket, Thailand             
(Same as Kuching but swap Volleyball & Education for Radio)

Hunter Valley, NSW       



This Sunday I’m flying to Perth to start planning for my new show that will start in May and I’m living near this place …

Whilst I’m going there for professional and not social reasons,
everyone still needs someone to talk to right?

Can’t work hard all week then have a beer no one on Friday night?

From what I’ve learned, the 3 easiest friends you’ll ever make when you move to a new town is …

Room Mates!

You live with them, you can’t avoid them.
If you crack a beer in the lounge room and they crack a beer in the lounge room then it doesn’t even matter how much you like each other you are no longer drinking alone.


After working hard all week with your team you’ll  want to pat yourselves on the back and that’s normally with an icy cold beer or if you work in investment banking it’s about 2k worth of coke.

If working in the finance game (few years back) taught me anything it’s that just one at 5pm on Friday with colleagues can easily turn into how did this happen at 4am Saturday morning.

Team mates!

The camaraderie between team mates is great. If you enjoy the sport you play then you have something in common. And similar to colleagues, you work together and then you’ll celebrate together.

And it’s that third point, team-mates, which is wear my shoulder has let me down socially, as well as the obvious physical troubles.

I’m sort of one of those annoying people who can play any sport and get away with it.

Played volleyball around the world, but on my travels I’ve signed up too and made heaps of friends playing AFL, Mixed Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Futsal, Badminton and Baseball / Softball. It’s not an awkward way to meet people cause your too busy playing the game and once the game is finished you talk about everything that happened during the game with a stubbie and BANG you are friends with someone that used to be a stranger.

After having two shoulder reconstructions (2003 and 2007) and now my shoulder falling off again in 2014 (see here) I think that might have to be the end of playing sports.

I never really liked training and the sports themselves not overly fussed.

But having team mates is pretty cool.